How to find our parking

Coordinates: 54.684116, 25.305486

If you are coming to our hostel with your car, this guide could be useful.

First of all, if you are coming from Olandu street, you should turn to Kriviu str. Then go down this street and turn to the left to Filaretu str.:


Alternatively, you could also go to Polocko str. Then turn to the right to Baltasis alley and take the next right to Filaretu str.:


Going up Filaretu str., on your left you will see a 5 storey red brick building (it has number 12 on the side). On your right you will see a “Rough road” sign. Right after the sign turn right to our parking.


You’re here! Choose a place and come to reception. We’re in that big white building.:)